The Ferndale TimeBank uses the hOurworld Exchange website to track hours.

Earning Timebank hours

One hour of service always earns one Timebank hour, and one Timebank hour always buys one hour of service. For fractions of hours, round up to the nearest quarter hour. (For example, 52 minutes of service earns 1 Timebank hour. 1 hour and 10 minutes of service equals 1.25 Timebank hours). Timebank hours are not redeemable for cash. They can be donated to another Timebank member.

When a member accrues a debt of 10 Timebank hours, she or he must begin earning Timebank hours before going further into debt. Contact the coordinator for assistance.

Reporting Hours

It is the responsibility of the provider of the service to report the service given to another member. All services need to be reported as soon as possible, preferably within a week of the date of service.  This should be done online.  If you do not have access to a computer or need help contact a coordinator.  You may arrange exchanges without going through the website. Just pick up the phone. Do enter the transaction on the website afterwards, though

** Remember that transportation counts; your time begins when you leave your home and ends when you return.**

Why Report Hours?

Many of our members stop logging their TimeDollars exchanges shortly after they feel comfortable in the community.  This is natural and happens in every TimeBank.  However, we want our members to know that nothing is done for free when Time is a currency.  Logging hours is a way for us to capture the community’s activity.  It is important to log hours, if not for your own record, then for the TimeBank’s record!  Having a clear and quantifiable report of our community exchanges will also help us apply for grant funding to maintain and expand our services.